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Well Drilling Cost

Factors that Affect Well Drilling Cost

There are a few factors that go into determining the well drilling cost for a particular project. The two main ones are how deep the well has to be and what kind of material is present underground.

The depth of a well is so important to a project that often, it will be the determining factor for what a well company near me will charge. Some outright charge by the foot. This is especially common in areas where the ground is pretty much the same all over, so it is very unlikely for there to be any big surprises. If the company operates where the ground isn't that uniform within their service area, the price may also include various geological factors.

Even when a well drilling cost quote doesn't explicitly mention geological conditions, the company will have factored this into its normal pricing. Several types of ground can be encountered. It may be sandy all the way down to the water, but often, there will be one or more layers of packed, gravel-like rock to get through. At the area where the water is found, clay is another common discovery. Clay is actually good because it can help protect the water from surface contaminants. Meanwhile, dense rock can make it hard to drill and slow up the project.

As you can see, both the water depth and the materials that are in the way affect the speed and ease of well drilling. This is why a well company near me doesn't have a single rate for a well, but instead, must quote each job individually before starting a project.

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